Come to Okinawa

Thanks to the new affordable airlines, it’s become much cheaper to travel to Okinawa. Hope you can make it down there!



From Tokyo:

1) FLIGHTS to NAHA Airport:

Jetstar: Fly from Narita (Tokyo) to Naha (Okinawa) as low as ¥6,000 (US$60) (website)

Skymark: Haneda (Tokyo) to Naha (Okinawa) for ¥6,000-¥13,000 (US$60-$130) (website)

JAL and ANA: Around ¥20,000-¥30,000 (US$200-300) one-way but cheaper if booked 2 months or more prior.


HOW TO GET TO HENOKO (new landfill construction site/Camp Schwab)


from Naha Airport:

You’ll be taking a monorail + bus. Total travel time is about 3 hours.

1) Take Yui Rail (monorail) to Asahibashi  Station (20mins, ¥260)

2) Walk to Naha Bus Terminal

3) Take Okinawa Bus #77 (2.5 hrs, ¥1630)

4) Get off at Henoko. Walk 10 minutes to the Henoko Tent village.




HOW TO GET TO TAKAE (a new helipad construction/protest site):

Takae in the woods of Yanbaru

Takae in the woods of Yanbaru

To get to Takae, you first need to fly to major cities in Japan like Tokyo, and then fly into Naha City in Okinawa.

From Naha Airport:

You need to take two buses, Naha→Nago & Nago→Takae.


Naha bus terminal

Naha bus terminal

Bus#120 from Naha airport to Nago City. About ¥1,850〜1,940 (US $19) Travel time: 2hrs.15mins.

You can see vast areas of US military bases from the #120 bus.

#120 bus to Nago

#120 bus to Nago

Bus#111 (express) to Nago City. ¥2040〜¥2,230 (US$22) Travel time: 1hr.45mins.

It’s faster, but the bus will take an expressway so you won’t see much of the area.

#111 express to Nago

#111 express to Nago


Bus#73 from Nago terminal to Takae. ¥1,180 (US $11) Travel time: 1hr.

Note: there are only THREE buses/day to Takae.Always check the schedule or contact us to find out the updated schedule. Bus website (Japanese only) (As of November 2013, The bus#73 leaves Nago at 5:50AM, 2:25PM, 5:15PM.)

Nago bus terminal

Nago bus terminal

#73 bus to Takae

#73 bus to Takae


Get on carpooling to Takae and Henoko:

The local coalition (Okinawa Heiwa Shimin Renraku Kai) can give you a ride, if you can communicate with them in Japanese. The acrpooling schedule is up on their WEBSITE.



Guest house Kashiwaya (WEBSITE) ¥1,500~¥3,000/night (US $15-$30) : Affordable guest house with affordable restaurant inside. The folks at Kashiwaya have been very supportive of the struggles against military bases. If you are lucky you may find someone who could give you a ride up to Takae and other places!

Source: Yuntaku Takae

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