On Day After Okinawa Election

This entry reflects the result of past week’s gubernatorial election, and some points we should know regarding the re-elected governor Nakaima.



Okinawa governor re-elected

Hirokazu Nakaima was re-elected governor of OkinawaHe defeated Yoichi Iha whom a lot of us (protesting against the bases new and existing, to the US-Japan Secutiry Treaty, to the militarism) hoped to be elected. Mr. Iha has a strong disapproval against construction of new bases, whether on the Okinawan islands or outside. He wanted it outside Japan. Mr. Nakaima, despite his initial approval on US proposals regarding Futenma base relocation, now says that he wants the bases moved out of Okinawa. But he still regards US-Japan alliance important. A conservative. Let’s hope he at least is going to move towards his promises. It means no new base in Okinawa. We have a lot to watch out for.