Dear Friends Who Disagree,

I haven’t updated in a while – since the nuclear explosions in Fukushima, Japan. Today, the struggles in Okinawa continues and even seems to escalate from time to time, unfortunately. But our friends in Takae are on the ground protecting the line to stop the operation.

I have started sending fax to Okinawa Defense Bureau on weekly basis. Okinawa Defense Bureau is the governmental agency that contracts and operates Takae helipad construction under the direction of Japan’s Ministry of Defense. Despite continued resistance by means of non-violence by the people in Okinawa for over 5 years, the ODB continues to ignore the voices of the residents and forcibly constructing the helipad.

Faxing is very effective, say activists in Okinawa who have been untiringly updating me on-the-ground info about the construction. OK. Let’s fax our messages to ODB today.

I have an easy access to fax, so I’ll be your fax courier. Please send your message to whyusbasesinokinawa<at>gmail.com along with

1) your message (in doc, pdf, jpg…)

2) your name

3) email address

4) mailing address if you wish to receive ‘why us bases in okinawa?’ sticker (it’s cute and dugong)

I will be responsible to forward your message to Okinawa Defense Bureau. You’ll receive a confirmation email and a sticker if you desire.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Your WUSBIO pal

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