If you are in NYC area…

Go see ANPO, a film about Japanese resistance to US military bases, at MoMA, Friday 2/25.

It’s a great, moving and beautiful film and it features Okinawa too. “Anpo” is a short for “U.S.-Japan Mutual Security Treaty” signed in 1960. US bases continue to exist in Japan because of ANPO. The film shows inspiring footage, interviews, artworks and stories of the huge resistance in 1960’s Japan. It will probably make you want to go out and shout. Visuals and music are striking features of the film as well.

Unless you are a MoMA member, purcase your ticket at MoMA ticket counter on the day of screening.

Forward from the Director Linda Hoaglund:

On Friday, February 25th, at 7PM, the Museum of Modern Art will screen ANPO: Art X War, as part of its Documentary Fortnight series.
ANPO: Art X War, a feature-length film, depicts the untold story of resistance to U.S. military bases in Japan through a collage of electrifying paintings, photographs and films by Japan’s most respected artists. The artists and their art convey the devastating impact of the struggle against the U.S. military presence, which erupted into a democratic national uprising in 1960 and festers to this day.
ANPO: Art X War was featured in the January 2011 issue of Art in America:
“Shot in lavish high-def digital ANPO: Art X War offers as many opportunities for aesthetic appreciation
and art-historical discovery as it does for insight into social and political history.”
“The movie’s interviewees make up a who’s who of postwar Japanese art.”
ANPO: Art X War premiered at the 2010 Toronto International Film Festival and has been widely released in theaters throughout Japan.
For more information on the MoMA screening, including how to purchase tickets, visit:
For more information about ANPO: Art X War, visit: www.anpomovie.com
I hope you will take this opportunity to watch ANPO: Art X War on the big screen.
Linda Hoaglund
ANPO: Art X War

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