F*%k, the situation is worse!

(photo courtesy of http://takae.ti-da.net)

Today, a countless number of Okinawa Defense Bureau workers came to Takae. Some of them sneaked in when nobody was watching and did some tree cutting. But the good news is, that there were TV crew at the site and the workers didn’t really get aggressive because of that.

If outside people care, they’d chicken. It’s true. I don’t know how many of you can comfortably make international calls on your phone or skype, but i’m sure many of you have a capacity to use English language. You can call Okinawa Defence Angency Bureau (japan) 098-921-8131 and just say “Stop the helipads construction in Takae!” in English. It’s easier than you think. Again, it’s a phone number in Japan: +81-98-921-8131.

I don’t feel crazy anymore to ask you random peole to make a phone call to Okinawa agency. It’s very crucial right now. Our friends are struggling every day. This is not a matter of Takae residents only. So please. Thank you.

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