“…So the Defense Bureau left. Need your support!”

translated from: Henoko Hamatsuushin http://henoko.ti-da.net/e3275917.html

So the workers from Okinawa Defense Bureau left for home, saying “we’ll be back everyday from tomorrow on!”

February will be a big turning point for them since they won’t be able to work on anything from March*.

To save face as a bureaucrat.

To be obsequious to the power of United States

To make a souvenir for our PM (Naoto Kan) to bring to US on his visit

To show some decency to their head office…

The workers of Okinawa Defense Bureau are desperately doing their job.

Please think of your ideas and support each other’s where you can, in order to send as many people as possible to Takae.

Our only way of resistance is that somebody is always there to watch it happen and that people be tied together.

Please be a witness of the way our government kicks about its own people for the sake of United States, and please spread your ideas and thoughts nationwide… Please help us.

*: Any construction in the forest of Takae will be legally prohibited since wildlife start their breeding season.)

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