Why are we protesting for Takae?

Because the residents of Takae will face a life-threatning environment everyday if Okinawa Defense Bureau (ODB) build new helipads for the US military. The planned construction sites are as near as 400 meters (0.25 mile) to residential houses.

Because the northern forests of Yanbaru boasts such a beautiful wild life and major water resources for Okinawa, and the new helipads will destroy it.

Because the current Japanese ruling party HAD PROMISED to the entire Japan “a reduction of burden” that the presence of US bases has been causing the Okinawan people since the end of WWII, and this new construction is clearly the opposite.

Because the military bases will send troops overseas to kill, and Okinawa has to shoulder the big role of supporting the ever present US militarism on behalf of Japanese government who just wants to stay under the big American umbrella.

Because the above fact is not really a huge matter to US right now, according to this NY Times article.

Many more reasons to fight this nonsense. Not only the Takae residents or other Okinawan are the victims, but the bases are a huge burden on OBD workers too. The presence of US bases are causing a huge division among Okinawan people. All because of Japan/US treaty, mutual relations to help prepare for wars. Do you still want to be a part of their killing plan?

Post from Peace Philosophy Center (Vancouver)

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